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  • Position: Lead & Founding Pastor
  • Family: Married to Raquel.  2 Sons: Scotty and Tommy
  • Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings & Batman Trilogies
  • Favorite Artist: Brad Paisley
  • Favorite pastime: Watching football & playing beach volleyball
  • Music I am ashamed to own: Taylor Swift 

More About Scott:

I launched Journey Church because there was a burden in my heart to help people discover just how much God could transform their lives, just as He transformed my life. My goal as a pastor is to be everything God created me to be, and to help others become everything God created them to be. In many ways this means to become just like Jesus. We are all on that journey together and none of us have arrived yet.  That is why I live with the faith and the hope that, “I am not who I will be”.



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